Packing controller with thermo controllers PACK11aCON v2



  • Compact design that provides control of whole machine cycle
  • Ability to work with weight or auger dispensers
  • Two built-in proportional temperature controllers
  • Galvanically isolated from the measurement and controlling parts inputs and outputs
  • 9 built-in individual counters for different Operators and Total counter
  • Built-in counter for packages in box with function intermediate Stop
  • Operation with photo marker or by time for operation with folio without a marker
  • Auxiliary power supply for optical and inductive sensors, for SSR etc.
  • Protection from self-switching on when the power supply outage is restored


The packing controller PACK11aCON v2 is designed to control packing machine with motor drive for pulling and gluing the folio with optical sensor for the length of the packet or without (by time). PACK11aCON v2 also regulates the temperature of the horizontal and vertical jaws and can operate with or without weight controller.

The device has non-volatile memory in which are stored setting, data readings before the power supply outage and the step from the packaging in which it was located.


Download current descriptions below:

PACK11aCON v2-EN (384,49 KB)
PACK11aCON v2-BG (402,52 KB)

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