Universal programmable controller MS8103ASP

  • ON/OFF and P control
  • Control of the output K1 according to set-point, outer for the device
  • Option: Two analog outputs
  • Simplified service


The controller MS8103ASP of Microsyst is designed for measuring and control, with 3 positional or proportional algorithm (with PWM output), of different parameters of the technological processes. The device controls the output K1 according to set-point, outer for the device, set as a linear analog parameter, and there is a possibility for calibration of this parameter. The output K1 is controlled according to a set-point inner for the device, and there is a possibility for direct change of its set-point during operation of the system.
The controller
has option analog output.
MS8103ASP is for panel mounting - horizontal and vertical.


Download current descriptions below or click here for older descriptions:

PDF - MS8103ASP Bulgarian Manual (0,91 MB)
PDF - MS8103ASP English manual (384,32 KB)

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