Microprocessor-based two-channel timer MS8326

  • Free programmable time formats
  • Set-point of the time for waiting (zero time)
  • Possibility for connection between the timers
  • Possibility for restart
  • Specification:

    The instrument MS8326, offered by MICROSYST, is organized as two timer blocks, working independently or with a connection between them. The two timers can work in the operating modes: 999 min; 999 s; 999 s.10-1 ; 999 s.10-2. Each timer counts two times - time tLo and time tHi, and with each of them the user freely associates a definite group of outputs. When a certain output is connected with the two timer modules, the logic “OR” is valid. The timers can be started by an external input, by a button on the keyboard or by the other timer. The current status will be saved in case of power fault and there is a possibility for automatic or non-automatic continuing of the realization. There are independent inputs RESET for each of the timers, and a joint one for the two modules RESET by the keypad.

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    PDF - MS8326 Bulgarian Manual (462,51 KB)

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