Counter MS8222

  •  Optoisolated digital inputs
  •  Scaling of the input signal
  •  Programmable output function
  •  Protection from data erasure
  •  Non-volatile memory  
  •  6 digit LED Display


The model MS8222 of Microsyst is a specialized counter with scalable input. It is designed for reading of the number of the input impulses and generation of an output at reaching of two values, set in advance. The device can work in two modes – active and inactive. In the two modes the counter reads the number of the input impulses and adds or subtracts them from the total value according to the signal of the outer digital input Reverse and generates an output at reaching of two values, set in advance. In active mode at reaching of value, set in advance the state of the outputs is changed and in inactive mode the outputs are permanently inactive and the device continues to count.       

The counter is with 6 digit LED display and software devisor/multiplier, providing its operation with sensors with different transmission coefficients.
The device has non-volatile memory, in which the settings and the read data are stored before switching off of the power supply.


Download current descriptions below or click here for older descriptions:


PDF - MS8222 Bulgarian Manual (339,34 KB)
PDF - MS8222 English Manual (284,02 KB)

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