Universal PID and ON/OFF controller MS8130


  • P, PI, PID, 2- and 3-state control modes
  • Function Autotuning
  • Shockless switching between automatic and manual mode
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Minimum dimensions - 76x35x62 mm


The PID controller MS8130 of MICROSYST is designed for measur ing and control of different process parameters. It can realize P, PI or PID control (program selectable), and there is a possibility for limitation of the integral component. There are also 2- and 3-state control modes. The outputs are controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM), there is a possibility for setting of different times for forming of “positive” (K1) and “negative” (K2) output.

There is a shockless switching between automatic and manual mode, direct supervision of the process variable (Pv), the set-point (SP) and the output (Out). By the function Autotuning you can easy tune the PID parameters.

All data are stored in non-volatile memory, including the current state of the controller, i.e. after restoring of the power supply, it enters the same control mode, in which it has been before its fault (the integral component is reset in this case, so till its second accumulation there will be an interference in the controlled parameter for PI or PID controller).




Download current descriptions below or click here for older descriptions:

MS8130 r20120515 - BG (1,16 MB)
PDF - MS8130 English manual (454,95 KB)

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