MS6126FLOMIC FL5024/44


Induction Flow Meters FN20XX

  • Nominal diameter – DN6 ÷ DN1000 (Qmax = 11000 m3/h)
  • Measurement accuracy 0,5% in (10 ÷ 100)%; 0,2 % by request
  • Temperature range of the measured liquid – from -20°C to 150°C
  • Optically insulated outputs – current (0)4 ÷ 20mA, frequency 0 ÷ 1, 000 Hz, pulse 0,001 ÷ 1,000 l/imp
  • Communication RS485 (insulated) and USB interface


 Induction flow meters of the FLONET FN20XX.1 type series are intended for professional application and measurement of flow rates of electrically-conductive liquids in water and heat-supply systems, food-processing and chemical industries. They meet the most demanding requirements on high measurement accuracy, long-term stability and hygienic standard.

The converter provides for sensor energizing and processing of the sensor signals, and also offers functions of liquid batching control, detection of empty piping, internal meter status diagnostics, automatic counter cleaning and selection of flow units in data visualization. The flow meters have frequency, pulse and current outputs, as well as interfaces to the RS 232 and RS 485 communication lines.

There are other series flow meters which are suitable for application in different fields of industry:

FLONET FH10XX - it is suitable for application in water and heat-supply systems, food - processing and chemical industries

FLONET FF10XX - It is suitable for application in food - processing and chemical industries

FLONET FS10XX - It is intended for professional flow-rate measurements of electrically conductive fluids including abrasive particles

Download current descriptions below:

FLONET FF10XX - BG.PDF (148,87 KB)
FLONET FS10XX - BG.PDF (187,29 KB)
FLONET FN20XX - BG.PDF (187,38 KB)
FLONET FH10XX - BG.PDF (276,76 KB)

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