99 - channels temperature indicator with alarm output MS8127 

  • Up to 99 channels
  • Independent alarm levels per channel
  • Indication of the alarm event occurred
  • Communication (option) - RS485 MODBUS RTU protocol
  • Minimum cabling - 3-wire bus to sensors
  • Non-volatile memory


MS8127 is a multichannel indicator designed to monitor and to indicate the temperature measured by up to 99 sensors, type DS18S20 or DS18B20 which can be connected directly with the device by 3 wire connection and/or through expand boards (up to six) by 6 wire connection. There have to be set low and high alarm levels for each of the channels. Alarm output is activated when some of the sensors measures temperature outside the specified range. In alarm mode we can see the measured temperature on the left side of the display and A N of the channel caused the alarm on the right side. If the alarming channels are more than one, they will be indicated at every half second. Measurements are available by RS485 MODBUS RTU protocol. Measurements are available for up to 247 devices (using a repeater). Without repeaters there can be connected up to 32 devices on a line (up to 128 in special realization).

This model has non-volatile memory for storing the data and the current state of the device when the power supply goes out.

The multichannel indicator is suitable for multichannel temperature measurement in silos, store-houses and others.  


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