BG Technical Documentation & Descriptions


Here is a list of al  Microsyst devices and links to theirs Bulgarian Technical Descriptions



Temperature Sensors RTD&TC

Compensation and extension cables

Capacitive level sensor MS9015LC

Float level sensor MS9005LF

Humidity Sensor-transmitter MS9005LM

Sensor-transmitter for sand moisture MS9011

Laboratory pH Electrodes PH400

Industrial pH and ORP electrodes PH401

Conductive level sensors SLA, SLC1, SLC3

Weight sensors WS01


AC / DC Current converter MS9007

Two-wire transmitter MS9014

Sensor-transmitter for Relative Humidity MS9015

Two-wire pH and ORP transmitter MS9023

Weight transmitter MS9046

 Float level sensor MS9005LF

Two-wire pH and ORP transmitter MS9023

Process meters

Digital thermometer MS2022

Multichannel temperature indicator with alarm output

 Microprocessor-based indicator MS8133


Microprocessor-based level and temperature controller LT CON

Multifunctional system MS8102EL

ON-OFF / Proportional controller MS8103

Conductometric level controller MS8105DINRail

Universal microprocessor-based PID and ON/OFF controller MS8106

Thermocontroller & Timer MS8109TU

2xChannel Thermocontroller MS8111PWM3F

Microprocessor dual regulator MS8111PWM3S

2xChannel controller MS8112

Microprocessor-based controller MS8130

Microprocessor-based two-channel weight meter of materials MS8307A

Specialized controller for solar systems SR 03

 Microprocessor dual regulator MS8111PWM3S

 Universal microrpocessor-based programmable controller MS8104K5

 Universal microprocessor-based PID and ON/OFF controller MS8106

 Multifunctional P and ON/OFF controller MS8131NTC

 Wood moisture controller MS8115EL

 Controller for Tobacco drying chamber MS8111TAB

 Controller for Tobacco drying chamber MS8111TAB2

 Microprocessor-based programmable controller MS8103ASP

 Microprocessor-based weight meter of materials MS81043P

Microprocessor-based profile controller MS8116

 ON-OFF/Proportional controller MS8118

 Two-channel microprocessor-based phase controller MS8119

 Microprocessor-based controller for control of dosing machine LFCON

 Microprocessor-based four-channel weight meter of materials MS8308W4P1

 Microprocessor-based single-channel weight meter of materials MS81046A

 Microprocessor-based weight meter of materials MS81046Z

 ON-OFF / Proportional controller MS8131

 Conductive level controller MS8105

 Microprocessor-based programmable controller MS8122A&B

 Controller for refrigerator chamber MS8132

 Microprocessor-based programmable controller MS8103SUB

Packing device controller Pack20XXCon

Controller for packing machine PACK21xxCON



Counters, Timers

Microprocessor-based adder MS8206

Textile length counter MS8209

Microprocessor-based adder MS8211

Microprocessor-based counter MS8212

Microprocessor-based counter MS8214

Microprocessor-based counter MS8222

Microprocessor-based two-channel timer MS8326

 Microprocessor-based counter MS8202SPC

 Microprocessor-based two-channel timer MS8203U

 Two-channel timer MS8203U2

 Two-channel microprocessor-based timer MS8203B

 Microprocessor-based two-channel timer MS8333



Lab devices

Laboratory pH meter MS2006



Hand-held devices

Hand-held pH meter MS2000pH

Hand-held wood moisture meter MS2000WM

Handheld pH meter MS2012pH

Hand-held wood moisture meter MS2012WM



Datalogging network system MSDLN302




Multifunctional calibrator MS7003


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